RGBeat is a customizable audio visualizer for Corsair RGB devices.

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RGBeat comes loaded with tons of different color presets and settings to personalize your experience.  Listen to music and watch as your Corsair peripherals come to life and flash with the beat of your favorite songs.

Compatible with JackNet RGB Sync


RGBeat’s device support relies on the Corsair SDK. Refunds will not be issued if a Corsair device is not supported as a result of the Corsair SDK. The devices will be added into RGBeat when the Corsair SDK is updated. RGBeat may also get blocked by anti-virus software due to what is known as a ‘false positive’. This does not make RGBeat a virus. Refunds for this reason will also be declined because you can whitelist the application in your anti-virus and it will work properly.


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